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Functional Training for Athletes, Enthusiasts, and Recreationists.

On the journey to the top, where strength, agility, and endurance make the difference between success and defeat, athletes, enthusiasts, and recreationists seek optimal training methods. At the heart of this pursuit is functional training – a revolutionary practice that not only shapes muscles but also lays the foundation for exceptional athletic achievements. Through exploring the diversity and power of functional training, we will delve into how this method sculpts the bodies and minds of athletes on the path to peak performance.

According to a recent report by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), functional training has become one of the fastest-growing fitness trends, with over a 20% increase in popularity in the last five years. This trend is not confined to professional athletes but has become a favorite among recreational enthusiasts as well.

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Benefits of Functional Training for Athletes, Enthusiasts, and Recreationists:

  1. Sports Efficiency: Functional training focuses on movements that mimic natural gestures and activities, enhancing sports efficiency. This is crucial for athletes looking to optimize their performance in specific disciplines.
  2. Injury Prevention: Research indicates that functional training is associated with a reduced risk of injuries. Strengthening stabilizing muscles helps maintain balance and decreases the chances of injuries.
  3. Universal Adaptability: One of the key advantages of functional training is its adaptability. Whether you are an athlete or a recreational enthusiast, this method can be tailored to various needs and goals.

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Price List.

Individual Training: €25 per hour
Monthly Package: €220 for 12 sessions

Mini Group (3-5 people): €15 per person per hour

Group BJJ: €40 per month, three times a week

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