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Self-Defense for Women.

In moments when footsteps quicken, and your heart echoes with the rhythm of anxiety, the ability to protect yourself becomes as crucial as the air you breathe. This is the reality for many women worldwide, where self-defense has become an essential skill for personal safety. In our dynamic society, where unwanted incidents are prevalent, women’s self-defense becomes a key element providing a sense of security and control.

According to the World Health Organization, one in three women worldwide experiences physical or sexual violence during their lifetime. These numbers not only shock but also emphasize the urgent need for effective self-defense methods.

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Benefits of Women’s Self-Defense Training:

  1. Physical Confidence: Mastering self-defense techniques gives women a sense of physical confidence. Learning how to react effectively in stressful situations significantly increases the chances of avoiding danger or emerging unharmed.
  2. Psychological Resourcefulness: Self-defense training encompasses not only physical skills but also mental preparation. Women undergoing self-defense training develop awareness of their surroundings, recognizing potential dangers and making quick decisions in crisis moments.
  3. Prevention and Counseling: Through self-defense education, women not only learn physical techniques but also prevention strategies. Understanding risky situations and developing a personal safety plan play a crucial role in preserving security.

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Price List.

Individual Training: €25 per hour
Monthly Package: €220 for 12 sessions

Mini Group (3-5 people): €15 per person per hour

Group BJJ: €40 per month, three times a week

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